What is Course Pickle?

Course Pickle helps you create the schedule that you want. No open spots in the classes you want? No problem. We'll keep checking the timetable and notify you when it opens. Stop refreshing the list of classes over and over, just use Course Pickle!

Free email notification when a class opens up.

Text messages are faster than emails. Due to high volume, emails are often delayed up to 5 minutes while text messages are instant. Course Pickle charges $2 per course. (Don't worry, it's worth it!)

Although the service is run by students, Course Pickle has no direct affiliation with Virginia Tech.

Why use Course Pickle?

Maximize your chances of getting the classes you want! (No more Friday classes or 8 AMs!)

How can I contact Course Pickle?

Is something not working, want to suggest a feature, or just say hi? Get in touch with us!

Can I help out?

The best way to help out is to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and share the site with your friends!

If you have another idea to help us improve, please let us know!